Attention to detail – Other construction companies sell with the A Team, and then turn you over to the B Team for implementation. Not Sterling. Our owners are active in every project, even attending weekly status meetings. When a list of action items is discussed, you can be assured those items will be taken care of promptly and professionally. At the end of the project, we want you to feel you got exactly what you contracted for. It’s what we mean by “True to plan.”

On-time projects – After more than twenty four years in business, we can truthfully say we’ve never missed a final deadline, even though Mother Nature has stacked the deck against us more than once. If it’s humanly possible, we’ll pull out every stop to get you in your Sterling Structure on the date promised.

Quick turnarounds – Because we have a lean, experienced group of project managers and superintendents who have worked together on numerous projects, we often surprise customers with our fast turnarounds. That doesn’t mean we cut corners, it just means we generally know what needs to be done and don’t waste time getting started.

Minimal call-backs – Our close-out process is becoming legendary because we rarely, if ever, get called back to a project site once everything has been inspected and documented. Our process verifies that all sub-contractors have been paid and releases obtained. Warranty notification is included in the close-out process, as are printed and electronic copies of equipment operating manuals.

Repeat business – Once we finish a project for a client, we’re already looking forward to the next one. Many of our clients (see Client List) have invited us back again and again.